Prophetic Word of the year.

A Prophetic word for 2017


 This is the Year of Recovery, the end of a curse and beginning of a Blessing.

The promises that God made you, will begin to manifest in your life. 2017 is the end of your sorrow and  beginning of joy.

you will begin to see the people of God waking up from a long sleep. God is sending His mighty wind to sweep the land

and restore His people to worship, prayer and holiness!

Dear beloved of the Lord, these are very serious days. The world is changing and we are running out of time. Decide today, where will you spend your eternity.  In Heaven? or hell.  God is Holy and his children are the “light” in this world that is dying. Decide today whom you shall server, the cruel master of this dark ending era, or the Loving Holy God, who so love’s you and wants to save you from what is coming on the earth.       “Judgment.”   Joshua  24 : 15   NIV

May the Lord, Bless you and keep you.